National Association of Theatres Owners of Michigan ("NATO of MI") is a non-profit organization, formed in 1996. We are the sole exhibition trade association exclusively representing Michigan theater operators only in our state. Our membership includes the largest chains, regional circuits and independent theatre owners, and our membership is open to all exhibitors. Size does not matter within NATO of MI. The smallest independent exhibitor has the same voice as the largest circuit. Each memberís opinion is sought out on matters of interest to the motion picture industry.

The purpose and objective of NATO of Michigan is threefold:

    1. To maintain a strong statewide trade association for those who are engaged in the exhibition of motion picture.
    2. To promote and protect the interests of motion picture theatre owners in every lawful way.
    3. To cultivate the highest possible standards in all matters relating to the motion picture industry generally, and in motion picture exhibition in particular, and always in a manner consistent with the best interests of the public.

To effectuate these purposes and objectives the membership decided to base NATO of Michigan in Lansing, Michigan the seat of state government. Due to our presence across the street from the state capitol we can more effectively monitor the activities of state government as they relate to the motion picture industry.

By maintaining a strong voice in Lansing, NATO of Michigan is able to better serve its members and the viewing public while promoting the industry as a whole.


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